Toot Your Own Horn Someone’s gotta do it!

It is vital that you grow your public presence. Do this with regular posts on your blog, updating your website with new works, and frequent use of social media platforms. You can use an app to create a post once and then it will automatically publish to all your social media platforms. Don’t assume that your viewers will see your post on all the platforms. Most users prefer one platform over the other and therefore you’ll actually gain visibility by cross-posting. For optimal results you’ll want to post something three times per day! The idea is to stay present in the minds of your viewers. Remember, different people will be looking at their different apps at different times. But if that’s just too much to ask, you’ll want to try for a daily or weekly post. Schedule it in your calendar!

You’ll also want to send out a monthly newsletter. Mailchimp is a powerful online marketing tool that not only allows people to opt-in to your newsletter directly from your website and Facebook page, it can also integrate with your online store and send automated emails and collect valuable data to learn more about your clientele. I like that I can create a newsletter and then set up a time/date to send it. This allows me to compose it late in the evening and send it the following morning.

Tip: People respond better to an email with a photo of the sender, so insert one at the top right corner (just be sure to resize it so that it doesn’t take up the entire page!) People also enjoy seeing your works in progress, so don’t be shy about photographing and sharing it. Remember, you’ve got to toot your own horn! You may feel really awkward about doing so, but “you” are the business! And therefore you must do what you can to promote yourself.