Let’s Get Clear – Real Clear


Now that you have an idea of what it is you want, we’re going to get clear about who you are and what path to take by answering the following questions:

  • What style is your work? (realism, abstract, expressionism, figurative, etc.)
  • What type of materials/media do you use? (acrylic paints, charcoal, pen & ink, mixed media, etc.)
  • What size do you work in? (large scale, miniature, etc.)
  • Are you still experimenting with style and media?
  • What is the overall content/theme of your work? (personal experience, social issues, etc.)
  • How much time do you devote to your artwork? (Daily, weekly, monthly?)
  • Where have your works shown and sold – what type of venues? (fine art galleries, commercial galleries, local art exhibits, etc.)
  • How often do you exhibit your work? (monthly, annually, etc.)
  • On average, how much does your work sell for, if at all? ($50 – $150; $200 – $500; $1000 – $5000, etc.)
  • Are you able to support yourself with your art, or are you employed somewhere else?
  • What type of artist are you? (Commercial Artist – you create art for people to enjoy in their homes, offices, etc.; or Academic Artist – you are more interested in producing expressive works which appeal to collectors and museums)
  • Who is your target market? The type of art you create will determine who is attracted to it. (Example: If you enjoy painting animals, you may want to appeal to pet owners or nature lovers.)


We’ll be visiting this section again, so keep your notes handy. For now, just plant this information in the back of your mind as we continue the journey of self-discovery, and learning to navigate our way into the “art world”.