In a Nutshell
The Condensed Version

  • Make the conscious decision to make art your career
  • Schedule your week to include business tasks, networking, and creativity
  • Set obtainable goals – be specific and break down into doable tasks
  • Organize your work space
  • Photograph and document your artwork
  • Create a website and schedule social media
  • Create templates (provenance, agreements, letterhead, etc.)
  • Create a file system for receipts, follow-up, etc. (digital and physical folders)
  • Use a pricing system to value your artwork – don’t just wing it!
  • Schedule days to sell your work in the real world – not from behind your computer!
  • Do what it takes to support your dream
  • Commit to the process

It can be overwhelming to think of all the things we must do in order to succeed as an artist. Take a moment every day to envision your future. Break the overall vision down into obtainable goals. Break these down into doable tasks. Take it one step at a time – eventually, you’ll get to where you want to be!