So You Want to be an Artist!?

A Practical Guide & Checklist for the Everyday Artist to Build a Successful Career

You’ve got the passion and the skills to make art your career and you really believe you’ve got what it takes to be successful. But do you? As a professional artist you’ll wear many hats: entrepreneur, sales person, marketing manager, business owner – and creative! We artists are great at making art but we often fall short when it comes to planning our career. This workbook is useful for those just entering the “art world” and for those who consider themselves professionals in the field and want to learn how to implement goals and sales strategies in order to advance their career.


Learn how to:

  • Work effectively so that you’re both producing art and building your art business.
  • Set and achieve art career goals.
  • Organize your workspace for more efficiency.
  • Gain exposure without selling yourself short.
  • Value your artwork – and the methodology of selling.
  • Traditional ways of selling artwork, and additional ways of selling and profiting from your art.
  • Work with non-profit organizations so both parties will benefit.
  • Rent and/or license your artwork for residual income.


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