Included in this Guide:

Planning and Achieving Your Goals

Time Management

Balancing studio time with administrative tasks for optimal business growth.


The Business of Art

From photographing and documenting your artwork to preparing your portfolio and making written agreements.

Self Promotion

Using social media platforms to engage your audience – and the methodology of selling.

How to Value Your Artwork

Create a pricing structure to avoid over- or under- valuing your work.

How to Sell Your Artwork

Traditional ways to sell and additional ways to profit from your art, such as reproducing, licensing, and renting it.

Working with Nonprofits/Charities

Don’t give away your work! Learn how to offer a solution so BOTH parties benefit!

Look Inside!

Here's a sampling of what you'll find:

  • Table of Contents
    See what’s inside!
  • Let’s Get Clear – Real Clear
  • Self Evaluation with SWOT
  • Toot Your Own Horn Someone’s gotta do it!
  • In a Nutshell
    The Condensed Version

10 – Let’s Get Clear – Real Clear!

  • Your Long-term Goal (the vision)

15 – Hobby vs Career Artists

  • Do you want to profit from your art?

19 – Time Management

  • Balancing “Business” with “Creativity”
  • How to Set Goals

27 – Organized Work Space

  • Studio Solutions & Storage Tips

30 – The Business of Art

  • SWOT Evaluation
  • Documenting Your Artwork
  • How to Photograph Your Artwork
  • Artist Website
  • Artwork Provenance

41 – Self Promotion

  • Grow Your Public Presence with Social Media
  • Why People Buy (anything)
  • Create a Connection with a Potential Buyer

49 – Valuing Your Work – Reality vs Fantasy

  • Consistent Pricing System

52 – Traditional Ways We’ve Tried To Sell

  • Artist Markets
  • Virtual Galleries – Selling Online
  • Artist Clubs – Pros & Cons
  • Galleries
  • How to Prepare for an Interview
  • Consignment / Representation Agreements

59 – The Art World – Who are the “Influencers”

61 – Circumvent the Galleries

  • Artist Co-ops
  • Commissioned Works
  • Renting Your Artwork
  • Licensing Your Artwork
  • Community Projects

70 – Working with Non-profits / Charities

  • Donating so Both Parties Benefit
  • What is a Reserve?

76 – Money Matters

  • Saving For Your Retirement
  • Super Simple Money Plan

78 – Self Talk

81 – In a Nutshell



About the Author

Who is Lisa Powers - and Why Did She Write This Book?!

Lisa Powers, Artist

I’ve been a practicing artist for over twenty years. My sole income is earned from my art business. (I teach classes to both kids and adults while scheduling time to create new works and build my career. ) When I made the decision to be a career artist I was rather naive as to how tough it would be, and I’ve had to sacrifice some of the finer things in life. I wear many hats: entrepreneur, business owner, teacher, sales person, – and creative!

I’m an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and other artist groups. My studio has been featured on TV and in various newspapers. Many will think I’ve achieved “success” – and in many ways, I have! I’ve gained recognition within my own community but I still strive to be acknowledged in the “art world” – an almost impossible feat, it seems.

I wrote this book to gain clarity as to what I could do now – with the skills I already possess – to advance my career. I analyzed my skills set, wrote out my goals and created a checklist how to move forward. I put all that information into a book and thought other artists would benefit from the resources and information it contains.


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